Sometimes it does go wrong…

Today I delivered the keynote at the JISC RSC Eastern eFair at Hertford Regional College.

Though the presentation went down well, lots of positive feedback I did have a few technical hitches. Now I made the most of them and used it as an opportunity to talk about the issues of practitioners lacking confidence in the technology and not wanting to use it in case it went wrong. The point I made was that tradition, technologies sometimes fail us, but as professionals we compensate and change what we were going to do. For example if your marker pen runs out of ink on a traditional whiteboard, doesn’t usually stop someone from ever using one again. Likewise if someone has used a permanent marker on the whiteboard, does this stop you ever using one, because the one day you come across a whiteboard where this has happened will ruin your lesson. Practitioners sometimes decide they won’t use the VLE as sometimes it doesn’t work! Would they say the same about a physical learning environment ie a classroom? Sometimes they don’t work, like when it snows for example. So yes sometimes it does go wrong and as a professional you need to either fix it, or get someone else to fix it, or change quickly what you were going to do.

So what went wrong?

Firstly, though I was assured that once I had logged into the wireless network that it wouldn’t time out. It did. Took a minute or so before I could start.

The other issues was about two thirds of the way through the presentation Keynote on my Mac froze! I couldn’t move to the next slide. Without checking fully I think what happened was one of two things. Either the script auto-posting to Twitter was not working properly. Or Powerpoint which was also running on my Mac decided to “hog” all the resources and stop Keynote from working properly. Whatever it was it did mean that I couldn’t move my slide forward for a few minutes.

In the end the pause worked fine as we could discuss technical problems and also showed that tech problems happen to all of us.

4 thoughts on “Sometimes it does go wrong…”

  1. Similar thing happened to me at jisc-rsc e-learning conference in Leeds recently – ppt died – I waved printouts in the air, we moved rapidly to group activity – re-booted + carried on – it’s all about believing in what you do

  2. Imagine if teachers gave up teaching every time a lesson didn’t go as planned? I’d venture to guess that we’d be in a teacher shortage if that were so 🙂

  3. Well done James. I’m currently writing a blog post about the negative side of ‘e’ too. But all negatives can easily (asif!!! – with lots of unseen stress and paddling) be fixed with panache – as long as you admit the problem and clearly explain your solution.


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