More iPad Thoughts

I am continuing my iPad journey.

After writing my initial thoughts from Friday I did show the iPad to a  few people at work, staff and learners, and all were impressed with the device.

All managed to pick it up and use it, some because they had an iPhone and some because it just worked!

I had a chance to pop into the Apple Stores in Cribbs and Cabot Circus, both stores had a lot of iPads, lots of interest and seemed to be selling fair few as well. Both stores had sold out of the camera connector kit, but other accessories were available. PCWorld are also selling the iPad, but having seen it in there, it just didn’t seem right… but they were also selling well.

I had a chance to try out the virtual keyboard writing some stuff last night and it wasn’t that bad. It takes a little getting use to, but though is much better than the “little” keyboard on the iPhone is as you would expect no where near as good as a “real” keyboard.

I have downloaded some iPad Apps to see what the capability of the device is. Some of these work well, others I feel could work better.

The more I use it the more I realise how this can replace a laptop in many situations, and as a conference device it would be perfect for taking notes, checking URLs, sharing stuff and then some. For using around college again it could be really useful for checking e-mail, using the VLE, finding information, sharing stuff.

Likewise for learners this could work really well in the classroom as a tool to support their learning and a lot less intrusive then a desktop PC or even a laptop.

I think there is a future for the iPad. In a future blog post I will look at some of the Apps.

2 thoughts on “More iPad Thoughts”

  1. Before purchase, I had little expectation for the iPad. I had chosen the 32gb 3G model after much thought but still with the idea that it would never replace te laptop, but be handy around the house.

    Four days in, and it looks like the laptop will remain in the drawer for a little longer.

    However, on half term, there’s limited need for excel / powerpoint / other, and more of a focus on browsing and reading.

    I’ve been surprised too with the use of the iPad for reading and quickly synced 30 or so PDFs for reading around the house.

    Overall? The ‘pad’ will perform two main functions for me:

    -A prolonged life for the laptop
    -A tool for everyday use without need for software

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