Increasing staff engagement with the VLE

A couple of months ago on the blog I posted a five stage model for using the VLE.

There is often too much information about the VLE for new users who may not understand many of the concepts or have the skills to fully utilise the functionality of the VLE.

It would seem that as would be expected others across the sector who use VLEs have come up with similar models or strategies.

Richard Booth and Dave Shearan from Shrewsbury College have devised ‘Moodle Maturity’ – a self-assessment process that enables tutors to evaluate their current position with Moodle, and how they can progress.

Their self-assessment consists of the following criteria:

  • Presence on Moodle
  • Course information
  • Layout and appearance
  • Course resources
  • Communication
  • Assessment
  • Student interaction

This is a great way of not just getting staff to assess where they are in using the VLE, but engaging them further by outlining the potential of the VLE.

There are many ways to use a VLE to enhance and enrich learning. Staff don’t always know what can be done or how it can be done. I have certainly come across this in my college, for example, I know one team that weren’t aware of how the assignment submission process worked in Moodle and as a result were creating themselves headaches and extra work trying to devise their own process. Practitioners aren’t always aware of how all the tools work on the VLE, and despite promotion or case studies don’t necessarily become aware of the potential of the tools. A self assessment process like this allows the practitioners and  teams to assess their progress in using the VLE to support, enhance and enrich learning.

See the full case study on the Excellence Gateway.

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