Is the iPad a real game changer for education?

So is the iPad going to change how we use learning technologies in education?

Graham Brown-Martin thinks so…

The iPad marks a paradigm shift in mobile computing that until you’ve lived with one for a few days is difficult to grasp.

He also predicted that something like the iPad would replace desktops and laptops back in 2006!

At the Edinburgh Interactive Festival in 2006 in front of a large audience of hard core gamers with a penchant for overclocking their desktop PC’s and pimping them with neon strips I suggested that by 2010 desktop computers would be all but dead and that laptops would be on death row. Mistaking shock and disbelief for interest I was emboldened and suggested that much of our data would also be stored on remote servers with applications being remotely distributed.

Read (and watch) the rest of this interesting article.

What do you think? Is the iPad going to change education?

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