Google to have an e-book store

BBC News reports on Google Editions

Google is set to launch its own online e-book store in 2010.

Google Editions books will not be tied to a specific device, unlike rival e-book company Amazon.

The Amazon Kindle is linked to books from the company’s own store and similarly with Apple’s iBookstore.

The article takes account of the scanning done by Google

To date Google has scanned over 12 million books, both in-print and out-of-print, giving it a greater selection of material than either Apple or Amazon.

This action by Google reinforces my opinion about the growth of e-books and e-book readers that I outlined in this blog post.

One thought on “Google to have an e-book store”

  1. Google has always been finding ways to help online learners or any individuals to get what they needed. I just hope that these e-books will cost much lower than those of Amazon’s since there will be a competition at the the it has been released.

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