A work in progress

A few years ago I made a video for managers in my college showing how the world was changing in the time it takes to travel from our campus in Gloucester to the one in Cheltenham.

I recently decided that it needed updating, as the old one was out of date and we had moved into the docks in Gloucester.

This is the video I shot and edited on iMovie.

At this point the video is just the video. What I would do next is add text over the video, this would say things like how much video is uploaded to YouTube, how many blog posts were written, how many Tweets were sent on Twitter, etc…

I think I will reshoot the video though as it was raining when I took it and I think that detracts slightly from the way that the speeded up video works.

In case you were wondering I shot the video using my iPhone using a TomTom iPhone mount on the windscreen. This was then imported into iMovie 09. I enhanced the quality of the video (turning up the brightness), cartoonified it and then made it much much faster… The last time I did this in iMovie 06 it was a bit of a pig, in 09 it was a piece of cake.

I removed the audio from my video and replaced it with some royalty free video from iMovie.

3 thoughts on “A work in progress”

  1. I really like it – but I think whether you keep the rain or not depends on the message you want to convey in the text. If you want to send the message about time slipping away then the rain fits… if you want the message to be more up-beat, then I’d probably reshoot!

  2. Look at one of the new timelapse apps for iPhone – that way you won’t have to footle in iMovie.

    Love the original concept of ‘pace’ of the things going on around us at increasing speed as we go about the daily business of living. Nice. Hmm can feel a blog post of my own coming on…

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