Apple’s “New” Tablet – well their vision from 15 years ago….

There are a couple of things to note, the drag and drop lesson planning, the sharing of content and ideas (look today at Twitter) and the learners using mobile devices to capture stuff (today we’re using mobile phones and PSPs with cameras).

I like watching these videos to see how far we haven’t come and how far we have.

Thanks to Martin Ebner for pointing this out.

One thought on “Apple’s “New” Tablet – well their vision from 15 years ago….”

  1. Excellent find! I enjoy seeing how the ideas that people had 15 years ago, have developed into the tech we use today.

    What is far more interesting though – are the concepts and devices which were being touted back then, compared to the actual devices being sold now, by the same company. How can they have had such wonderful concepts so long ago and yet not incorporated them into modern tech?

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