100 ways to use a VLE – #42 Setting a task

You can quite easily set tasks for learners, or small groups, or even a whole group of learners in a classroom situation.

By setting the task using the VLE, you can ensure that all learners have access to the details of the task, what is required of them, relevant resources and what the final outcome needs to be.

You can then use the VLE to monitor progress of the task, check that the learners are on target to meet the final outcome.

Learners can use the communication tools of the VLE to discuss the task with each other, ask questions of the tutor about the task and share resources and links.

Once the task is completed, the learners can submit their outcomes to the VLE and this will ensure that the tutor can access the outcome easily. At the end of the task, the tutor will have for assessment purposes the completed outcome, a trail of discussions, questions, resources and links that supported the task.

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