Kindle coming to the UK

At FOTE 09 I talked about the Future of Learning and spoke about five things which I think will have an impact in the future on learning. One of the five things I mentioned was the e-Book.

At Handheld Learning 2009 during the HHECKL Cool Wall we did have the Kindle and decided it was uncool, one of the reasons was that it was only available in the US.

Well all that has changed with the announcement that the Kindle will be available in the UK shipping from October 19th for £175.

The Kindle as well as an e-Book reader has unlike the Sony e-Book reader has always on connectivity. Unlike laptops and netbooks the Kindle battery is designed to last weeks not hours!

4 thoughts on “Kindle coming to the UK”

    1. For me that’s the main reason I would get one over the Sony e-Book Reader I have been using…

      Makes it less desirable and also means that it doesn’t have as many features over existing e-Book Readers.

      Might need to write a follow-up Blog post on the Kindle.


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