Mobile Broadband too slow


From BBC News.

A survey by comparison site Broadband Expert suggests that UK mobile broadband providers are delivering services “far lower than advertised”.

Almost three and a half thousand broadband connections were tested over a five month period.

The firm found that users recorded an average download speed of 1.1Mbs, substantially lower than advertised.

The advertised speeds are sometimes in my opinion a bit over the top, for example Vodafone advertise 7.2Mbps which is really fast, however though I believe I have had that speed probably once, in London, I generally get a much lower speed.

However I agree with the expert critcism of the report, this is mobile broadband we’re talking about, though I would like to get a consistent 7.2Mbps I know that the technology doesn’t work that way. If I am moving, if other people are using their 3G devices, buildings, the weather and other stuff.

I have been pleased with my Vodafone 3G and T-Mobile 3G speeds, what are your 3G experience like? Do some people have high expectations for a technology which personally I am surprised works at all.

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3 thoughts on “Mobile Broadband too slow”

  1. Like David, my home boradban never lives up to its promise. Ranging between just about dial-up speed to less than 4mb (which for me is rocket fast supa-dupa speed at home, but only avialable when no one else in home nearby).

    My mobile B/B experiences are disappointing too. Having said that, I only try to connect when there’s no other option (or if I would otherwise have to pay for hotel WiFi – which I won’t). Nevertheless, just the other day I used my vodafone 3G in Birmingham and had a 40 minute skype conversation without problem – which is unheard of at home! My T-mobile 3G kept throwing me off Skype!!

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