Weird Flickr Stats

I use Flickr a fair bit now for uploading photographs. Sometimes to share what I have been doing, other times so I have access to images I can use on this blog or other sites.

I check the stats now and again (as I have a Pro account) and generally get between 150-300 views a day.

Yesterday however the stats went through the roof with 1300 odd views!


No idea why.

Unless someone (or some people) were really keen on flicking through my photographs, I am suspecting that some kind of bot was going through (and downloading) my images.

My images are copyright me, however I do licence them under a Creative Commons licence so that people in education can use them without having to pay a fee or royalty. However I don’t licence them for commercial use.

It will be interesting to see what happens today.

3 thoughts on “Weird Flickr Stats”

  1. hi james, did you have a look at the stats for individual images (e.g. most viewed that day)? whenever i get a sharp spike in the views it’s due to a pic being blogged somewhere…

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