3 thoughts on “Removing computers from the classroom”

  1. I think many of his points are bang on. As someone who couldn’t really see the point of lectures when I was at University, now we have the capability of online streaming video the need for students to attend lectures, in my view, has shrunk to zero. What is better, a student falling asleep in a lecture in the morning, or coming to class and asking questions because she saw the lecture the night before?

    About removing computers from the classroom, his point was to discourage powerpoint (a good thing, mostly) rather than the kind of immersive learning experiences we should be giving learners.

  2. I think what he’s done is amazing – and evidence that technology and so called “ILT” has moved beyond the computer.

    However, I think this model is very specific to higher education ,where the “boring” lectures exist. In an FE or, more so, a community education environment, this model might not work quite so well.

    The main reason for this is connectivity – someone attending a two hour a week course, who may not have internet access at home, could not participate in the same way. In terms of networking, I think students should be using devices in classrooms and throughout college to communicate – and while I take the point about laptops and mobile devices, I don’t think we’re at the stage (yet) where enough students are using their own devices.

    However, the idea of removing powerpoint-esq lectures and pod/vod casting them PRIOR to the session is something that should be being used far more widely.

  3. Though I like the idea of staff vodcasting or podcasting content before a lesson, one thing that will happen, is staff will ask how do I find the time to do this? I know the keen staff will be enthused and and see the advantages, but others will not. How do we overcome this issue in order to benefit the learners?

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