QR Coding

Today I was in Bristol for a meeting about QR Codes as part of a JISC LTIG project being run by the University of Bath.

We discussed lots of different uses of QR Codes, barriers to use of the codes and ideas for the future.

After lunch we visited an exhibition in Bristol city centre which makes use of QR Codes, whilst there I shot some video and made this short film.

Watch out for QR Codes at ALT-C this year.

5 thoughts on “QR Coding”

  1. What’s the music James? I love looking at people’s faces wondering how to get the QR reader working on their phones. Magic!

  2. The music is from iMovie, a piece called Jaracanda which matched the length of the video, so it got used.

    You have to note that all these people in the video are QR Code experts…


  3. Yes… it was not so much about wondering how to get the QR code readers working, as to what the connectivity-impoverished half of us could do with the resulting URL 😉

    That was one of the key themes of our discussions – the fact that the most worthwhile uses of the technology depend not only on beig ale to decode the data with a mobile device but also on being able to access the internet from it.

    Great video, James – thanks for capuring my rapper-style hand signals – had no idea the sreet dance classes had had such an effect 😉

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