4 thoughts on “A guide to RSS”

  1. As you say, a nice summary. But why do people who produce these guides seem to think that our understanding of the content will be enhanced by having a completely unrelated soundtrack? For which the author almost certainly won’t have sought copyright clearance from the Plain White T’s or their record company.

  2. The audio track was added later I believe and is cleared for use on this video on the YouTube site.

    YouTube are working with the record companies and changing how they deal with videos which have copyrighted music on their soundtracks.

    If you read this blog post from the BBC’s technology correspondent for a more detailed explanation.

    YouTube in this instance have added advertising to the video page and have provided a link in the “statistics and data” so you can buy the song.

    But why the music?

    I believe Sarah had lost her voice when she made this…

  3. Apologies to Sarah Horrigan for casting aspersions – I hadn’t gone through to YouTube to see who had produced the video. I’ve now found Sarah’s blog at http://kindalearning.blogspot.com/ where all is made clear – and indeed there’s a link to “YouTube’s very handy AudioSwap facility”

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