Using an iPod to improve performance in sports

In my college we have been using PSPs with cameras and video cameras to analyse performance by learners in Sports Studies, it would appear that we’re not the only ones using mobile technologies to improve performance in sports, it would appeat that Ben Foster of Manchester United is doing the same.


From the Guardian

Sir Alex Ferguson hailed Ben Foster as an England first-choice goalkeeper in waiting after the youngster’s fine penalty shoot-out save from Jamie O’Hara proved pivotal in Manchester United claiming the Carling Cup to complete the second leg of what would be an unprecedented haul of the three major domestic trophies, the Champions League and the World Club Championship.

Foster, who had spent the moments before the penalties watching footage of Tottenham Hotspur’s players taking recent penalties on an iPod…

The article continues…

“I did a bit of research for the penalties,” said the 25-year-old. “We tried to find out everything we could about Spurs beforehand and, just before the shoot-out, I was looking at a video on an iPod with Eric Steele, our goalkeeping coach, and Edwin. It’s a new innovation he’s brought in since coming to the club…

Via Andy Turner on the ILT Champions Mailing List.

One thought on “Using an iPod to improve performance in sports”

  1. Interesting, this. I wonder if the use of this technology during the game itself like this will continue to be permissable.

    Recently, mp3 players have been banned from road races (fun runs are presumably exempt).

    Goodness knows why. Perhaps having the beat of the music to help you keep a steady pace is seen as an unfair advantage. Or perhaps they want to make sure no-one is benefitting from performance enhancing hypnosis. Whatever the case, if you’re caught with an mp3 player, you will immediately be disqualified.

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