School to give out e-textbooks

Though e-Books have been around for a while I found this article from The Register interesting.

A London school’s pencilled in plans to ditch old-style textbooks because it wants pupils to swot up using mobile phones instead.

The Hackney City Academy, which is due to open in September 2009, plans to put PDF copies of its textbooks onto its intranet, from where pupils can access the books directly from their handsets or laptops. Pupils can then save content and read it as and when they wish.

School to give out e-textbooks

Now though I am an e-learning person I am not an e-learning fanatic!

In less than ten years every book that has ever been published will be available online to borrow for free (probably).

Even if this is the case I know I will still read books.

Books did not kill the spoken word. Radio did not destroy books. Television has not seen the demise of radio. The Web has not crumbled television.

e-Resources won’t replace printed resources they will add and enhance them.

For news for example: I still read newspapers, I still listen to the Today programme on Radio 4, I watch BBC News on the TV, I look at the websites of traditional broadcast media for news, I read and subscribe to blogs, and I also find out about news via Twitter.

I still read books.

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  1. It seems like it’s trendy these days not to have read a book. Even Jamie Oliver admitted on tv that he hasn’t read a book in years, and suddenly it’s become a major talking point….. “hands up if you haven’t read a book” – like it’s something to be proud of.

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