Have you got an Innovation Prevention Department?

Here it is day three of Handheld Learning 2008.

It has been a very good conference and a good chance to see what is happening in the world of mobile and handheld learning.

Some really good stuff out there, but some sessions no more than a showcase of a product rather than how it impacts on learning.

This is not a research based conference (unlike mLearn) so there are lots of practitioners here talking about what they do, but there are also suppliers talking (or is that selling) their wares.

First presentation I have seen today was Lt Alex Smith who is using PSPs with Royal Navy personnel for learning. Quite interesting in what they are doing in what seems to be a very traditional teaching environment.

 Have you got an Innovation Prevention Department?

The second session was not really my cup of tea, very much about selling a product to schools.

Third session was presented by Jon Trinder who was presenting about connecting the physical to the virtual.

Best quote of the conference so far came from Jon, “Have you got an Innovation Prevention Department?”.

3 thoughts on “Have you got an Innovation Prevention Department?”

  1. HI Elaine

    Every institution has an Innovation Prevention Department, they are the department which stops learners and academic staff from exploiting a new technology to enhance or enrich the learning experience.

    They may have valid legal, technical or contractual reasons for doing so, but rather than provide a solution, they implement barriers to stop the innovation from happening.

    Who they are, well you should have a fair idea who they are in your institution.


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