So do your students cheat?

So do your students cheat?


They don’t hand in plagiarised work?

How do you know?

Did you know that essays by the bundle are sold on eBay?

Dave Foord (an external educational consultant) has written an interesting blog post on Turnitin which is a piece of software that can be used to detect plagiarised work. He believes that the software also has a value in acting as a deterrent to plagarism.

What are you thoughts?

2 thoughts on “So do your students cheat?”

  1. On a tangent, I have heard of an interesting use of these essays sold on ebay. A tutor shows the class a “Grade A” essay he has bought off ebay and gives it to the students and then they have to analise it and decicide if it is really grade a material and why.

  2. On a similar note, I heard of a tutor buying some essays from an ‘essay writing’ service that he suspected was writing a lot of his students work. He then had fun re-claiming his expenses, when he had to list the service as a ‘provider’ on the Universities finance system!

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