CherryPal launches $249 cloudy mini PC

Is this the future of home computing?

CherryPal launches $249 cloudy mini PC

A small $249 box with access to the web (and 50GB of online storage).

The Register reports that:

Start-up CherryPal is taking pre-orders today for its partly cloudy “desktop” that mashes web-hosted computing, going green, open source, and social networking into a 10 ounce box.

The (self-titled) CherryPal systems are $249, and surprisingly won’t require a monthly subscription despite the fact that most of its storage capacity and several of its features hosted in the cloud.

CherryPals are thinned-down computers running an ultra-low power chip from Freescale. They’ve got 256MB memory and 4GB solid-state capacity.

The future of computing?

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “CherryPal launches $249 cloudy mini PC”

  1. You don’t mention that it is primarily to be run off adverts – that’ll you’ll watch adverts whilst you wait for programs to load.

    Isn’t this basically what Sun tried doing some years ago? They called it something like Network Computer – basically a thin client where the server and storage is managed for you ‘somewhere else’. Internet connections were too slow then and people didn’t like the idea of leasing software.

    This could be a viable model in the future, but in the capable hands of google or similar. I’m sure that a lot of people are not yet ready to trust a lot of files to a distant server.

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