When is an UMPC not an UMPC?

When is an UMPC not an UMPC?

When it’s a 10″ UMPC.

When is an UMPC not an UMPC?

Okay before I mentioned how Asus were releasing a new 9″ version of their EeePC, well according to Engadget they are going to release a 10″ version!

As if it weren’t official enough already, the subnote war is on. According to a Computex invitation from ASUS, the outfit is planning to not only showcase the Eee PC 901, but also a brand new variant that will likely go mano a mano with the 10-inch MSI Wind. We quote: “[ASUS] would also like to specially extend an invitation to you to attend the official global launch of the new Eee PC 901 and 1000 series.” There’s no details beyond that right there, but it’s plenty to whet our appetites on the heels of the 10.6-inch Eee PC 1001 evidence we’ve already collected

So would you count this machine as an UMPC? Well strictly no.

Is it a mobile device? In a way yes!

Will people buy it? Most certainly.

3 thoughts on “When is an UMPC not an UMPC?”

  1. Asus are going nuts for these things because, well, people are going nuts for these things.. there’s even a very Wii like desktop/tower on the way. I hope for their sake and the sake of those going for this kit in a big way they don’t overstretch the product line. I think they should have stopped at the 9″ (we have one of these) and worked towards constant improvement of an existing range rather than go all in with this Eee “Sub-Brand”.. I’m probably being pessimistic but they could quite easily over do it and burn it out.

  2. By the way.. IT Support are having a pig of a time getting a xp pro staff image onto that Eee 900.. I may yet get to install Ubuntu Mobile on it if they have no joy (secret hoorah).

  3. The market for UMPC’s is predicted to be huge and the spin-offs, such as the Eee Box (bottom of the review), are probably a good way of securing large market share.

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