Streaming video LIVE!

I am currently at the JISC RSC SW HE Conference in Bristol today. I am trying out a new video streaming service, Qik.

Qik allows you to stream live video to the internet from your phone. Qik also records and stores the video so you can view it later.

Both the live video stream and the recorded videos can be embedded into a web page or a blog post in a similar manner to Youtube videos.

Unlike Shozu which allows you to post a recorded video from a phone online, Qik allows you to stream the video live. So as you film, it is available online on the web.

It is similar to Ustream or Stickam, however those services generally use a computer to capture and stream the video, Qik uses a phone. I am using a Nokia N95 with a 3G data connection to do this and works quite well. The Nokia N95 also has wifi capability so you can use wifi if you have that connectivity available.

You can see all my Qik videos here.

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