3G iPhone Arriving in 2nd Quarter 2008?

Interesting report from Macrumors.

Analyst predictions of a 3G iPhone are nothing new, but a new report points to specific sources knowledgeable about this anticipated update. After meeting with Taiwanese electronics companies Citigroup’s Richard Gardner claims that his sources have confirmed that the 3G iPhone will be released in 2nd Quarter calendar year. If correct, this would pinpoint the release between April-June 2008.

I decided not to get an iPhone as it was not 3G.

One thought on “3G iPhone Arriving in 2nd Quarter 2008?”

  1. Hopefully we’ll see some Apples & Oranges thing going on by then.
    I’m due for an upgrade of my own phone soon .
    3G Will change my attitude a lot but I still want to see a 5mpx Camera.

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