BBC Review Four Wifi Media Players

The BBC has published a review of four of the top wifi capable media players currently on the market.

The Sony PSP, the Nokia N800, the Archos 605wifi and (of course) the Apple iPod touch.

Gadget lovers are spoilt for choice when it comes to portable media players, with an increasing number offering web access through wi-fi connections. We take a look at four different players – Sony’s PSP Slim, Archos 605wifi, Nokia’s N800 and the Apple iPod touch – and assess their strengths and weaknesses in different categories.

Their winner, well it’s only fair that you check out the article, but it doesn’t surprise me.

4 thoughts on “BBC Review Four Wifi Media Players”

  1. They sit on the fence and don’t name a winner. As usual of BBC journalism these days, they are wrong about the iPod, which i understand plays videos from YouTube, presumably using Flash?

  2. Hi AJ

    The iPod touch can only play “specially selected” videos from YouTube, these are specially encoded using h.264.

    You can’t access all of YouTube and I believe that only some Flash works, not really had the chance for a full try out yet of the iPod touch interface myself.


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