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The BBC are reporting on how BT Broadband customers will be able to share their broadband connection to others to create a free shared wifi network across the UK.

The UK’s wireless net credentials have been boosted with the launch of a wi-fi sharing community by BT. BT has backed a global wireless sharing service called Fon, billing it as the “world’s largest wi-fi community”.

This means that it will be much easier (and cheaper) to access wireless internet when and where you want to.

In a cafe with a wireless laptop

What makes this interesting to me, apart from the obvious impact this will have on mobile learning is the following comment.

Joining the BT Fon scheme is free of charge and community members will also have free access to existing BT hotspots in its Openzone network.

This is one good reason for joining the BT Fon network as I suspect at the moment there are more BT Openzone wireless hotspots then Fon spots.

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