Great conference, unpleasant aftermath…

I really enjoyed ALT-C this year, however as I was leaving the conference I found that my car had been broken into, my work laptop had been stolen, as well as a digital SLR camera and my funky bluetooth printer which had gone down so well in my workshop.

The thieves had done their best and as a result my passenger door was so damaged that I couldn’t secure the car and had to drive all the way home. I was suppose to be only going as far as Birmingham for a JISC Collections workshop tomorrow.

I am insured, but with excesses I am going to be somewhat out of pocket as a result. I have also paid for a hotel room I can’t use and couldn’t cancel.

I am trying to not to let this get me down, it is more annoying more than anything else.

Great conference, for me though it ended on somewhat a sour note.

13 thoughts on “Great conference, unpleasant aftermath…”

  1. Bad luck James. What a bummer after such a fun conference. Hope you maximise your compensation through insurance. Keep blogging, keep cheerful!

  2. James, that’s a real downer mate. I saw you with the policeman, and assumed that something was awry. Keep your chin up – I’m following your blogs and have added you to my blogroll.

  3. Sorry to hear about this James. A great shame and I hope it doesn’t spoil your memories of the conference. It was good to meet you.

  4. So sorry to hear about this, especially as a Nottingham native. You’d think there were enough people around at such a busy conference to deter, wouldn’t you. Hope it hasn’t soured your opinion of Nottingham or the conference!

  5. James what a s*d if you need any kit and the Andy Black store room of delights ( my home office) has a gadgets you need to borrow lets us.

  6. Hi James, I’m sorry to hear this. It should be a warning to all of us that wander around the country with boots full of kit. I suspect that there are otherss, perhaps on the champs list, who would do well to hear of your troubles – a salutary warning.

    It has been enjoyable getting a feel for the conferecne via your blogs and rss feeds – as you say, this is a real downer. David

  7. James, I’m sorry to have read this. I must admit I was feeling quite reluctant in leaving my laptop in the car at times too.

    I think that perhaps ALT needs to think of having a secure store or something next time round. I mean with the several hundred technology fanatics (and their gadgets) visiting the conference, it could potentially be an Ali Baba’s cave for any thief.

    By the way I enjoyed your dynamic session which has got me thinking about a few things in my institution.

    Mohamed Kassam

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