QIA Conference in London

One Street in London

Originally uploaded by James F Clay

Yesterday I presented at the QIA Conference in London on the use of technology to support 14-19 education.

It was a good session, though not a large number of people. Having said that there were some really good questions and debate.

The photo is the view from the conference window!

Travelling to conferences sounds like fun, the reality is that you spend most of your time either on the train or in a car and then the rest of the time is spent in a conference hall or a workshop room.

Conferences though (for me) are a good opportunity to see what other people are doing and I found it really interesting to see what an e-enabled college like Crosslands is doing to further retention and achievement. They have an intergrated system which allows staff to get hold of information about learners really quickly and more importantly easily.

Overall it was an interesting conference.

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