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    QR Codes on the noticeboard

    So there I was walking down one of the corridors in the college when I noticed that there was a QR Code on the noticeboard.

    It linked to a survey by students on bands and music, they were using surveymonkey that works well on a mobile device. The questionnaire was a simple one so could be easily completed on your mobile device.

    I think the only thing I would have changed may have been adding some idea of what the QR Code was about. Also I would have been adding a short URL to the QR Code for those that did not have a QR Code reader.

    Interesting to see learners using QR Codes on their own accord.

    2 Responses to “QR Codes on the noticeboard”

    1. Phil Wilson says:

      The only time I’ve seen a qr code in a student area on campus it was a rickroll :(

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