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Every Presentation Ever

Wonder why no one listens or learns?

Lots of lessons to learn from this…

Via Matt Jukes and Ben O’Steen.

Life after Death by Powerpoint

Don McMillan has released an updated version of his Life after Death by Powerpoint sketch which was originally an internet hit back a few years back.

If you haven’t seen it before, he does make some useful observations on how people use Powerpoint for presentations, oh and it’s quite funny too.

Can I be your friend?

Ever thought how odd your online life is? Ever thought what could go wrong?

via @suethomas

My Blackberry’s not working…

Happy Christmas

Just for fun…

Just for fun…

I was going to do more with this, but my editing skills and lack of useful photographs, as well as not wanting to offend too many people, means that this is it!