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Top Ten Web Tools of 2014

This is the seventh time I have compiled a list of the top ten web tools I have used during the year. I am finding it interesting looking back over 2008, 2009, 201020112012 and 2013 which tools I still use and which have fallen by the wayside.

Out of the top ten are speakerdeck and slideshare, as well as Flipboard. Flipboard really died for me when Google Reader was shut down.

At number ten in the top ten is Instagram. I still like Instagram and use it quite a bit to share photographs.

The ninth web tool for 2014 was WordPress, it’s a great piece of blogging software, and however I have not made as much use of it this year as in previous years.

At number eight is Flickr. I use Flickr to both store and find photographs. I used it a lot to find images for presentations.

Chrome and Safari are joint seventh, I like the fact that I can move between devices and take up where I left off and having a common history regardless of device.

Evernote is number six, I started again to make more use of Evernote to make notes and planning.

Google Docs (and Google Drive) is fifth in the top ten. From a collaboration perspective it is one of the best tools I have used. I like the fact that a team can work on a document all at the same time.

Twitter is at number four. I have found Twitter less useful this year and have used it a lot less than in previous years.

The third technology is Google Hangouts, which has proved very useful for meetings and discussions both internally and externally.

Second in the top ten is Google+. I find it more useful and powerful than Twitter. I like the conversations, the communities and adding photographs

My top web tool for 2014 is Dropbox though I use Google Drive for collaboration, from an individual perspective I like Dropbox, as it means I can work on files anywhere on my work Mac, my home iMac or my Macbook Air. What I like about it more than anything else, it just works. I like how I can use the Dropbox app on the iPad and iPhone to upload images and screengrabs to be used on my desktop machines.