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Books are wonderful things…

Gloucestershire College LibraryThere is something very beautiful and sensual about a new book. Anyone who has ever bought a new book will know what I mean. Whether you open the parcel from Amazon, or remove the book from a bag of a high street bookseller, there is something about the smell of a new book, the feel of the roughness of the paper between your fingers as you slowly flick from page to page. As you open it for the first time you can feel the stiffness of the spine of a book that has never been read. The smoothness of the dust jacket, the rough texture of the cover, combine to produce a tingling feeling of excitement as you realise you are about to open the book and start to read.

There is even something about a used book, or one from a library. What is the history or legacy of the book? Who read it before you? Where did they read it? How did they feel when reading it? Did they share it with others? Even the annotations, that can be annoying, give a flavour of how previous readers of a book felt and used the book.

Books are extremely portable, they can be easily carried to any location and used. They fit into a multitude of bags and can be used whether you are a passenger in a car, on a train or flying in a plane. You can use books at home, in a coffee shop, on the beach, in a library, a classroom or in the park.

Books have an unique user interface that has never been adequately duplicated on any electronic device. You can flick from section to section, page to page. You can highlight and annotate. Put sticky notes on specific pages. Use a series of physical bookmarks to identify sections.

Books are also easily lent, libraries know this, but I am sure you like me have lent a book to others. You want them to share that feeling you get when reading a book for the first time, something you can’t get back when reading a book for a second time.

Books are indeed wonderful things, but still, the iPad is the future of reading…

A version of this article originally appeared on the FOTE10 website.

FOTE10 – The iPad is the future of reading

ULCC have not only put up their FOTE10 videos they have also changed the coding allowing them to be embedded on places such as this blog.


The future of the e-book

This is a nice video that echoes much of what I said in my FOTE10 talk.

The Future of the Book from IDEO

The book will evolve in the same way that audio and video have evolved. Not always for the better, but sometimes it will work. Remember that the e-book does not replace or duplicate the physical book, it is a different reading experience.

e-Learning Stuff Podcast #060: The iPad is the future of reading

A recording of James’ keynote at FOTE 10 on the iPad and the future of reading.

With James Clay.

This is the sixtieth e-Learning Stuff Podcast, The iPad is the future of reading

Audio MP3

Download the podcast in mp3 format: The iPad is the future of reading

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So that’s my presentation….

The other day I did mention my presentation at FOTE10 and said

I still yet to upload my presentation from FOTE10 to the web.


Well at 250Mb it’s a tiny bit large for the average user.

It’s also in Keynote format, so not very accessible for anyone other than a Mac user.

Well not to disappoint, here is the presentation using Slideshare, thanks to ULCC in uploading it.

I can imagine that this in isolation is not really going to explain why I think the iPad is the future of reading. Also none of the videos work from Slideshare…

The video of my presentation is now online on the main FOTE10 website. This is probably a nice way to see and hear what I said.

I have also recorded my presentation using an mp3 recorder and that means you can listen to it here if you want to listen to it on an iPod (click the link) or from your computer.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

So there is now a few ways to see and hear what I said.