100 ways to use a VLE – #68 Using handwriting

There is something very retro and nostalgic about handwriting. In this digital world of screens and keyboards we can become very reliant on digital text and forget the warmth of a simple piece of handwritten text.  It can make the difference between a learner seeing a task as cold and clinical and viewing it as a warm invitation to learn.  It’s not as difficult to get handwriting onto the VLE as you would think. We probably in the past would use a scanner, today’s digital cameras can do the task for us more easily and much quicker.  Using handwritten text can add warmth and a retro feel to a course on the VLE or topic as part of a wider VLE course.  However isn’t using a handwriting font, cheating?

3 thoughts on “100 ways to use a VLE – #68 Using handwriting”

  1. I only wish my handwriting would look like this, so I think you’re cheating!
    But nice it is and you defenitionally have a point: it looks warm and authentic…

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